more treasury list!!

today my finger puppets was featured in another treasury list. this time it's called 'all things felt' curated by rocketliv. the rest of the items listed there all are colorful and cute. i like them! thanks to rocketliv, especially for letting me know that my item was added to her treasury.

actually i don't always receive the notification from a curator everytime an item from my shop was added to his/her treasury list. somehow the notification does not always appear in my etsy's activity feed, and it's not easy to use the search feature in etsy to find out whether our items were featured in someone's treasury list (the search engine might mixed-up my shop's name with an item's title). that is why i found the craft cult website very useful.

anyway, this treasury list thingy is quite interesting. i might want to create my own treasury list one day.


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