who lives in a barn?

hi! i have a new listing in my etsy shop: barn finger puppets storage pattern.

a customer came to me with an idea of a storage for finger puppets. she requested me to design a barn storage for the farm friends finger puppets.

even though it took me weeks before i could finally managed to come up with the template, now the barn pattern is now ready to be purchased in etsy.

the barn storage can be folded and carried like a little bag. or you can also leave it open and hang it on the wall for display with the finger puppets inside.

aren't they adorable?

i might come up with more storage ideas for the princess, zoo, and many more! :)

hurry visit my etsy shop! the barn storage will be a great christmas gift for your little ones.
and don't forget, you can still have the 30% discount in my etsy shop until 25 november.



Louise Taylor said...

Hi is there any chance you could do Disney frozen characters?

Widia Librianti said...

Hi Louise,

unfortunately I am not allowed to make finger puppet following specific character(s) as it will violate the copy rights.


Jesse Austin said...
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Jesse Austin said...

Those are so cute. It's nice to see those all on display in multiple platforms such as Etsy and blogger; which should truly help in making them fly off the shelves and be bought. The broadest appeal we can get for those materials, the better, right? Thanks for sharing that! More power to you and your business!

Jesse Austin @ Charlotte Local Marketing

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