Kapoet Production

Between 1998-2000, I produced my crafts under the label of 'Kapoet Production'. Kapoet means ‘sewing’ in Sundanese Language. I have never really associated the name Kapoet with ‘KAPUT’, which many other people would have avoided immediately :P but eventually the label kept up good selling points (at least for a beginner like me) for almost 2 years!
Most of Kapoet products were made of cardboard, recycled paper and felt. I made picture frames covered with felt, fridge magnets (in many cute shapes, e.g. flowers, teddy bear, fruits, kewpies), note pads, and distribute it to book stores in Jakarta. It was quite a break through for me because I have managed to score leading book stores like Maruzen, Gunung Agung and Gramedia!!
But in mid 2000, some of the stores implemented new rules that required the distributors to reach a selling point of at least IDR 1 million (about USD100) per month which was beyond my capability because Kapoet is a small scale home business, so the success story ended there.

Above is the logo of Kapoet Production that I designed.


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