random wrap-ups

hi there,
it's been one full month since the last time i updated this blog.
the reason was because i've been forced to take some rest from my creative world, mostly due to the workload at the office. my poor etsy shop has been abandoned for almost two months now.
anyway, here's some wrap ups of updates on what had happenned in my life since the last four weeks:
above is a sample of my little creative moment during daily work - an afternoon doodle!!
i worked on a plain paper using pencil, scanned the image, and later refined it using the PS.

i was so excited because i have recently bought a Wacom Bamboo Fun digitizer (type CTH 661). i was hoping that it will immediately boost my creativity to the top level. but the fact is the digitizer has been lying on the desk in my room for approximately one month now :P

my car got a little unfortunate collision with a neighbor's car earlier this month.
the accident left a not-so-small dent on the right rear of my car. i haven't had time to have it fixed. poor car of mine :(
well, i hope to be able to post something really creative soon.
ta-ta now.


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