the story of a blog header

for those who have been following my blog for some time will now that this blog header has changed several times. the first one was the one below.
i believe this one still remains my favorite. currently i am still using this header for my other
blog. the problem with this one was that the font color is a bit wash out by the background color.

my second attempt was this one. but somehow i think it lacked the fresh and fun mood that i wanted to show in this blog. it was too dull and serious-looking.

the third blog header was the next one below. as you might have already guessed, i love bees, sunflowers and yellow color. so there, i thought this one will fulfill all my needs. i think this 'bee and sunflower' header stayed up here for over a month or so. but...

suddenly i realised that i missed my old blog header, the all-yellow-washed-out-title blog header. maybe i thought the 'bee and sunflower' one looked a bit too plain. and that is why i came up with this last one - the last one as of today's post, that is - below.

the picture on the far right is my mood board that i hang in my office room. yep, in my very-unrelated-to-art and crafts office room. just to keep me reminded of what my genuine passion in life are. hehe...
i am not sure 'though how long this blog header will stay up there. each time i do my daily blog-hopping routine, i always find many things that inspired me to modify my blog header. so i guess my blog header will be forever evolving, for the better i hope.


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