something is in the making {part 2}

as promised, i will keep you updated on the progress of my craft room/ studio. the original plan was as shown below.

and this is what i get ... -apologize for the poor angle, i haven't owned a wide angle lense (yet)-

yes, i know the result is not exactly like what i have expected, nonetheless it may still serve the purpose well, right? as you can see, now the cabinet is doorless. the carpenter who built this for me found that the door making was a bit tricky plus he was in a hurry to finish everything in 2 days only(!). but i will cover the cabinet with a curtain later.

you may also noticed that the shelves are also different from the original plan. if only i were as good as ana of the knock-off wood... but, hey... i can still live with it! no problemo :)

now i have to start moving my things there. catch up with you later!


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