a challenge to my creativity

this morning i found out that the christmas ornaments patterns from my floral blossom etsy shop has been re-sold as finished products on ebay by one of my buyers.

above are the finished products using my patterns sold by kirkykratfs on ebay
above are my original floral blossom christmas ornaments from my etsy shop

i am not new to this business. i know that selling patterns or designs online is a risky business, as people can always stole your idea and reproduce the same things out of your ideas. i am well aware of that and always accept that as a challenge that would have to be faced by crafters. that is why i always make it clear in the description of the products on my etsy listings that: 'all patterns are copyright protected by FLORAL BLOSSOM. not to be distributed, transferred, or sold in any form. for personal use only. you may NOT make items for sale or profit'.

as for this particular buyer, she did not even try hard to modify my patterns (well she did embellished them a little bit) and just sell them as they appeared in my sample pictures on etsy (see above). she did not only steal the idea, but make things out of my patterns and sell them for profit just like that.

well, in one hand i found this as a discouragement and an insult to my creative mind. but on the other it is also an acknowledgement to my designs, that they are good enough and worth to 'steal'... :P

for sure this incident will not stop me from producing more and more designs. my creative mind can't be put to rest. i still have zillion of ideas waiting to be shared with those out there who are willing to appreciate my designs :)


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