lego pencil toppers

last week i received a custom order for some lego themed pencil toppers from a customer. she wanted the pencil toppers to consist of the colorful lego bricks plus the lego (mini figure) head.

i usually make animal head’s pencil toppers, so this lego thing is new to me. i like challenge, so i accepted the order. the only problem was, i didn't know what a lego head is. so i googled the images to find out what a lego head looks like. this was what i found.

and this was how my lego head pencil topper turned out.

not bad, right? i'm so proud of my self.

here's the clearer view of the lego pencil toppers set before i packed them up for delivery.

the pencil toppers were quite simple to make. maybe the rather tricky one was the lego head. but just see how cute they turned out to be. they will make perfect fillings for birthday goody bags or christmas socks.

i'm planning to post a tutorial and patterns for the lego pencil toppers soon, if time permits. just keep checking this blog!


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