some wrap-up

a lot had happened since my last post here. bad blogger, bad blogger. here's some worth blogging stories.

my little girl turned 11 on june 15th. we had a small birthday party at the day care center and gave away some goody bags to her friends and had a small lunch together.

the birthday cake
the goody bags

my daughter is all smile whenever she is in her day care center

i made these key chain princess dolls for a friend’s niece’s birthday last month. i dressed the princesses with pink dress and a letter ‘J’ on the blouse. i think they turned out beautiful.

floral blossom’s finger puppets was reviewed by kerrific online. you can see it here.
there will also be a giveaway for one lucky winner. the winner can choose two patterns from my etsy shop. this giveaway will be part of A Blogtastic Extravaganza (ABE), a blog giveaway event hosted on 100 top blogs that all promote each other's giveaways and sponsors. this event is scheduled to take place on august 17th-21st. so, if you want the free patterns, make sure you check the kerrific online blog to enter the giveaway.

as usual, i will leave you with the wrap up of etsy treasury lists featuring my products:


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